Social Media Marketing Courses

There was a time when Social sites like Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn were just a platform for people to connect with one another.

Anyone can create a account on social sites for chatting purpose but using the same account to grow a business & increase Sale.. well it requires lot of skills, tips & tricks and most importantly Market Study, which only a Digital Marketer can do that.

With increasing demand of Social Media Experts in the industry,social-media-marketing-course the responsibility on Social Media Marketing Training Institutes have also been increased. Self-learning helps to create a account on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter but if someone wishes to be an expert in this particular domain then they must go thru professional social media training from any institute.

Keeping Industrial requirement and student’s expectation in mind, we have designed our social media marketing course in such a way that it directly helps our trainees from any given background. Our trainers are industry leaders with vast experience in this field. With the help of their knowledge and training skill we nurture the marketing skills of our students. We provide both online as well as classroom training, work on live-projects, 100% practical approach, life-time assistance & also help them get a job.

"Even our Indian politicians have stopped going go door to door during Election time, they simply seek help from social media expert and get all the votes on just 1 single post"

Best Social Media Sites for Business

facebook-marketing-course-in-gurgaonFacebook need no introduction, It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in year 2004 with more than 1.59 billion users at present. It started as a social media site but now the entire world lives in it. If Facebook is an addiction to our Youth, it has also become a necessity of countless small/big companies. Facebook is evolving day by day and companies who are promoting their brand and products through Facebook marketing, are growing too. It is a perfect advertising platform not because of its vast audience but also it is cost effective and allow advertisers to display their products & services in the most amazing formats.

Here in iLampion we have a separate course module called “Facebook for Business”. In this course we provide in-depth and practical training, teach them to create paid ads in different formats and make them Facebook Certified social media expert.

The beauty of this social media marketing is "When you tweet, the whole world read". Since only 140 character is the limit so it won’t be wrong to also call Twitter as micro-blogging site. It  may still not be very popular in India but it has about 313 active million users all over the world. When we ask any question on google search, we get pre-recorded closely matched answer somewhere inside the website on 1st page. But here on Twitter, your questions get answered  by another twitter users on Real-Time.If you think that Twitter is all about following other’s tweet or worrying about your followers then think harder. This social media site is basically into everything - If you are a job seeker, twitter will help you because many companies regularly post job openings here.

If reading news is a part of your breakfast meal then you better stop spending money on newspaper. With Twitter, not only you can read news but also follow that news updates.
Are you a die-hard fan of some sports star, movie star or a singer maybe? Then knowing their Date of Birth is not just enough. Better you jump on quickly and follow their daily activities.

If you have interesting video, image or any good quality useful content then Twitter can simply make it viral by its re-tweeting & sharing feature.

In iLampion’s social media training our students learn how to achieve personal as well as business goals with the help of Twitter.

learn-social-media-marketingInstagram- It was founded and created in 2010, purchased by Facebook in year 2012. It has more than 400 million active users across the globe. It provides some of the best photo and video editing options. A great platform for companies related to food and fashion industry.

Instagram is so powerful that it can turn a fresh face into celebrity overnight. Here are some companies which are persistently achieving their business goals with the help of Instagram

Every single company has a team of Social Media Marketing experts or outsourced their work to Social Media agencies. In both the case, social media marketing experts are in extreme demand. Through our social media training, we transform our trainees into social media experts.

It’s good that you’ve used Instagram before to edit and share picture with your buddies. But now it’s really the time to learn professional Social Media Marketing to use Instagram for business growth.


It is one of the world’s biggest blogging site which allows us to create our own blogs and follow other’s blog too. So far it has more than 30 million active blogs. The dashboard is very user-friendly in order to create and manage blogs.
Just like people re-tweet on Twitter. Similarly people can re-blog other’s blog to their own feeds. This way it good quality content gains popularity easily and quickly. Since visual blogs perform much better as compared to normal text-stuffed content so if you have good eye for high-quality pictures then consider Tumblr as your best friend.
With a good quality content and basic seo knowledge, social media experts bring high traffic volume to the website through Tumblr.

In our social media marketing course you will learn how to write professional blogs, create high-quality content, increase traffic on website & achieve your business goals.