What is PPC?

It was Yahoo who first started pay per click marketing. But when Google came with its Adwords Program, it almost kicked Yahoo out of the market. It is then Yahoo formed an alliance with Microsoft in 2010 to give Google some competition.
PPC is also known as Search Engine Marketing because advertiser has to pay to the search engine every time someone clicks on their ads.
ppc-training-in-gurgaonLets just say if you are running paid ads then you don’t have to be worried about search engine guidelines or making your website a search engine friendly. As long as you’re paying money in PPC marketing, you will see your business name on the top of SERP (Google Search Engine Result Page) and the moment you stopped the paid ads, your website will get vanished from the face of Search Engine.
There is an old marketing mantra - “which is seen, get sold the most”. In other words, more the brand is visible online, better the chances are to convert visitors into customers.

People who has thirst for traffic on their website, people who wants their brand to get popular overnight - they all choose to go with Search Engine Marketing tactic. Here Advertisers don’t mind spending huge money because they know that in the end the results would be even humongous.

Our PPC training program

Since more than 70% of entire world’s population use Google Search Engine which makes Google the Planet’s #1 Search Engine. The reason behind Google’s success is that it keeps on improvising their search engine algorithm

Google has a product called “Google Adwords” specially designed to give best ppc experience to its advertisers.

In iLampion, we always stay updated with Google policies and updates. Our ppc training methods are not just unique but effective too.  In our PPC training program we cover all of the important topics like Keyword bidding strategies, all types of ads/extension formats, types of Google ad network & most importantly how to create and run a successful campaign. Specially when it comes to ppc training, we strongly believe that the most effective training is Practical training. Our objective is to make sure that by the end of this ppc course they could run any paid ad campaign successfully and independently.
When it comes to PPC Training Institue in Gurgaon, iLampion is the first choice of students & professionals.

Benefits of PPC training from iLampion

  • Get trained by ex-Googlers in Gurgaon with more than 5 years of experience
  • Become Google certified professional
  • Become Bing certified professional
  • Learn to create & run paid ad campaigns
  • Work on Live projects
  • Better understanding on Google Adwords Policies & Guidelines
  • Expert in major tools like Keyword Planner, Display Planner & Google Analytics

One thing is for sure that after the completion of this course you won’t be the same person anymore because you’d have become really good in:

Google Analytics & other major PPC tools - Whether you’re a ppc expert or just a webmaster, Google Analytics is everyone’s favourite simply because it helps you understand your audience and achieve your goals. Apart from Google Analytics there are some other tools like Keyword Planner, Display Planner & Adwords Editor which you’ll be trained on.

Measure results and Optimize campaign - Monitoring the performance of each ad and keyword is essential for every digital marketer to ensure the success of their paid ad campaign.

Local & International audience targeting - Thanks to Google and its highly advanced Google Adwords which made audience targeting so easy. Just by sitting at home you can run the ads not only in your neighbourhood but you can simply target any City, State or Country to attract potential customers

Create ads in all formats and extensions - Text ad is one of the most commonly used ad format on Google Adwords. But this is not the only ad format. There are ad formats as well like Image, Rich Media, Video, Mobile Text, Mobile Image, Mobile app and various Extensions as well.

Generating Leads and Increasing Sale - The main objective behind any paid ad campaign is to generate Leads for the company in order to increase their Sale. Any ammature can create & run ads on Google but only an knowledgeable and experienced Digital Marketer can achieve these objectives

Creating marketing strategies - When it comes to Digital Marketing, to create marketing strategies is the first and foremost step. Marketing Strategy varies with the product, nature of business, targeted audience & Geo Target as well.
With good digital marketing strategy, ad campaign runs smooth & achieve business goals within the desired budget

Keyword research and bidding strategies. In a paid ad, if a compelling content helps you get more clicks, Keywords help you show your ads in front of the right audience. There are different types of keywords like Broad match Broad match modifier, Phrase match, Exact match & Negative match.
The selection of right keywords and bidding strategy brings higher Conversion rate and lower CPC (cost per click)

Google Adwords Certified Professional - Sometimes it’s good to show-off. To possess digital marketing knowledge is good but to also get certified by Google sounds even better. Then you can proudly tell anyone that ‘I’m a Google Certified PPC Expert’.