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No matter if you’ve just started business or already doing it for decades, your business needs a website. Business website is not something you create every day. Majority of people get their website developed just once and live with it for rest of their lives. Therefore, it is important that your first business website should be the best.

  • ­Life Time Warranty
  • ­High Speed Website
  • ­Search Engine Friendly

We take complete pride when it comes to website development. Here in iLampion, we have a team of amazing professional website developers with years of experience. “Design something new” is the mantra our website developers live by. If you’re thinking to get a website, iLampion is perfect place because we know exactly what you need and what your customers expect.

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Our Website Development Process

Our comprehensive mobile app development strategy ensures a perfectly crafted website for your business.


In order to create a business website, the first thing a professional website developer would do is ‘Understand Your Business’. This is exactly what we do here. Every line of code we write, we make it count. The process of consultation helps us figure out the exact technical needs of our client. In other words, this is the stage where we determine if client needs a Static website, Dynamic website or E-commerce website.

Website is not just about good design, strong architecture with clean codes are more important. With iLampion, you be assured to have a high-speed professional website and take your business to next the level


It is the process of creating a initial visual guide of a potential website’s framework. It is also consider as a blueprint for the website developers to enlarge it further. Wire-frame is specially needed for websites with multiple services, functions and features. We have a team of some of the best website developers in Delhi NCR

The wire-frame gives website developer a clear picture of how various elements needs to be implanted and also to determine the user flow when visitors land on the website in future.


Website testing is the most crucial part of web development process. The purpose of website testing is simply to ensure that front-end and the back-end of a website is in perfectly working state. While performing website testing, we focus on Browser compatibility, Cookie Testing, Database testing, contact forms, broken links, Interface testing, Device compatibility etc. We follow high standards of website testing on every single project

In iLampion, we use advance testing tools to ensure that website is fully functional, high-speed, & responsive to all screen size.


After days and weeks of hard work, we finally reach to the final stage of website development process. By now everything is done from design to testing so put it all back together, upload the website to the host server and connect it with user’s desired domain name. Website is now LIVE and ready to serve its purpose

From the very first interaction with iLampion till project delivery, you will find our website development process completely seamless. We don’t just Promise, We Deliver.

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