Online Reputation Management
You are a joker if you share photos related to you and your family publicly everyday on Facebook. Ever wondered, why Facebook likes on your posts start decreasing as you start sharing same kind of stuff more frequently?People, employers and customers find you because of the internet. And having a silent profile is the best indication of poor performance of your digital profile like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter or others.
You can not erase your negative part which is already there in the public domain {Thanks to Internet} but you definitely can work towards into an online makeover with the help of ORM (Online Reputation Management).

One of the best examples of online reputation management is Taco Bell’s response to a lawsuit that just 35% of their beef was a meat mixture and the remaining 65% containing other ingredients. The fast food giant quickly fought back in saying that they used 100% USDA-inspected beef, and that their taco meat contained 88% beef, not 35%.

Taco Bell's Reputation-Management Team bombarded the Internet with a video from the company’s CEO speaking about quality of Taco Bell’s beef. Unexpectedly, Taco Bell’s response to the lawsuit had gone viral with message forums, blogs, YouTube videos, tweets, facebook pages and several other social media platforms.

Taco Bell also took a very interesting step in defending their online reputation was to optimize for keywords such as, “Taco Bell lawsuit,” “Taco Bell beef quality,” and “Taco Bell nutrition,”. And it really proved to be the smartest move. Now when users searched these terms, Taco Bell’s official response beat out media stories and misinformation created from the lawsuit. Afterwards, the lawsuit was dropped:)

So, when Online Reputation Management can beat a lawsuit then it surely has a potential to turn around your fortune. Having a good digital presence will certainly bring significant opportunities in your life too but ignoring it will only ruin your image.

You can also become an Online Reputation Management expert. All you need is the same kind of discipline as you show up in your life by following through your duties perfectly.
Join us at iLampion to get your image out there with the help of Online Reputation Management Training Program. Now you can decide the way you want to appear online.