Email Marketing
Before we go any deeper into this method of marketing, allow me to say few lines about the word ‘Email’. If you are reading this, it means you know how to use Internet and if you know how to use internet then I’m sure you’d have an email id too. That means I don’t need to tell you what email is for. My point is, email service is something very commonly used among us. We all happen to check our email box at some point of the day. Specially those people who wear ties and tights in the office, they never miss their emails, be it on phone or laptop. Email marketing - sending emails to the people for marketing purpose. As simple it sounds, delicate it is to execute.

It is one of the most traditional ways of online marketing and yet very effective. You all must be wondering that how difficult it could be to write an email and press the ‘send’ button. Had it been writing an ordinary email, I’d have agreed with you. But here we are talking about writing such an email which will represent someone’s business, an email which will increase brand awareness, an email which will increase your sales number.

Email marketing is such a powerful tool that it can increase the ROI of any business.

The best part is that it’s a very economic mode of advertising and covers some serious amount of customer/audiences.

But still not every company or digital marketer use this online marketing Tactic.

You know why?

The answer is simple - They just don’t know how to use this marketing weapon so they choose not to use it. They infact do the right thing because you should not sit on a horse if you don’t know how to ride.

Many amateur or inexperienced marketers make fool of their clients by assuring good client-customer relationship through email marketing. But most of the times those emails don’t even hit the customer’s Inbox and directly lands into Spam.

Anybody can write an email but only an Expert Digital Marketer can design the most effective email to serve its objective.
Here in iLampion, we will make you that expert. We will teach you how to convert the leads into sales, how to make customer’s bad experience into good experience, how to engage with existing as well as new customers and most importantly how to increase company’s ROI (Return on Investment).