About us

It all started with a vision. A vision where every single person of the society is aware of Digital Marketing. And when we say the word ‘society’, we don’t mean a city, we live in or the country we were born. Our Society is much bigger than that. Our society is further as Internet service can reach.
Our Society is the Entire World.
From small towns to big metro people with good digital marketing knowledge are in utmost demand. Through our Digital Marketing Training Program we are helping people to come closer to their dreams, unlock limitless career opportunities and make a better tomorrow.
It doesn’t matter which part of the world you are from,
As long as you’re desperate to learn, you are welcome in iLampion.

In iLampion, We don’t have a great infrastructure, we don’t have an army of faculties, we don’t have posters with some quotes on our walls, we don’t have expensive furniture, we don’t even have a receptionist.

But what we do have is -

Experienced as well as Inspiring Corporate Trainers
Extensive knowledge
Marvelous learning environment where new ideas born every day
Fine Management
Strong Commitment
And all other resources needed to bring an Expert Digital Marketer out of you.


We are the only Digital Marketing Training Institute in Gurgaon NCR where students decide when they want to learn and how they want to learn. Think of iLampion as your personal library where you can come anytime you want and study with peace. Unlike any other institutes, here trainers will always be there for their trainees even after their course is completed.

Our Digital Marketing Training Program is specially designed for


  • - The professionals who are already a part of this industry and want to enhance their skills
  • - Students who have just come out of schools/colleges and hold interest in Marketing field
  • - People who want to make their career in Digital marketing industry
  • - Girls whose desires to do something in life got faded in between household works and taking care of the family.
  • - Educated women who could not continue with their jobs after marriage.
  • - Freshers who don’t get a good job either due to lack of experience or no additional skills.
  • - Business Owners who want their brand names shine in this competitive market
  • - Entrepreneurs who don't know about Digital Marketing, its an important skill to become an entrepreneur